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Hello readers, I’m now sharing an exclusive Android Application called Magic Recharge through which you can earn unlimited recharge for free. If you are an ...


Freecharge is back again with amazing offer of Rs. 20 cashback on all recharges. No coupon required for this offer. Simply recharge and get Rs. 20 ...


Paytm is offering huge cashback offer for DTH recharge. In this offer you will get Rs. 100 cashback on DTH recharge of Rs. 400 by using below given ...


How To Earn Money From LINE Messenger STEP 1 : Download LINE Messenger From Here. STEP 2 : After Download Install & Register A New Account. STEP 3 : ...


Paytm in association with Gaana is offering free mobile recharge of Rs. 50 for downloading Gaana app. This offer is valid for iOS & Android based mobiles. ...


We are back again with new awesome recharge trick by which you can earn up to Rs. 300 just for referring friends. If you refer more you will get more ...


Today we are sharing one of the highest recharge paying Android App. Many of you might be familiar with this but its for those who are still unaware about ...

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  1. Use Contact us page and send us your details

  2. Next Month Show Hoga Bro

  3. Wait for 48 hrs from now

  4. Dear Abinash, I have Invited. Check mail after 48hrs

  5. Invited .. Check mail after 48hrs

  6. You will soon receive invite

  7. did you follow every step mentioned in the post?

  8. Hey Gobinda Ch. Sai,

    It will show in zingoy balance when it gets confirmed and then you will be able to redeem it.

  9. Instantly

  10. It has been tracked?

  11. Replied .. Check

  12. You will get payment on 15 or 16th aug

  13. Replied

  14. You will soon receive mail from applause

  15. Check Your Confirmation .. in confirmation you will receive refer link

  16. Applause is a global leader in crowd testing, feedback and research. Data is used for research

  17. you need to delete your old upi id and create new upi id

  18. The cashback which you will receive in faasos, you can use it for ordering again

  19. Try Again .. Try your luck

  20. check rewards section for scratch card

  21. Please use contact us page to message us

  22. we will update the post soon

  23. you can do unlimited refers and earn unlimited by referring

  24. Don’t do fake referrals you will not be paid

  25. in the next month before 25th

  26. baar baar add krne ki jarurat nhi he .. you can use that 2 rs which you loaded for the first time bas har new account me 2 send krne ke transaction hona jaruri he

  27. Check redeem section in the app

  28. Get Your Referral link and Share It With Your Friends

  29. New Coupon code updated .. Try Again

  30. offer expired

  31. Completing Offers & Offers….

  32. Best Is Blogging

  33. Do a factory reset

  34. its not working now

  35. Mail them brother and ask them the details

  36. Mail Them

  37. Don’t worry about the challenge you can now continue to earn

  38. because its members are internationally .. champcash is launched worldwide..

  39. you can start earning now..

  40. Did you mail them ?

  41. no.. soon web version is going to be launched

  42. yes it will launch internationally

  43. its 100% safe

  44. No you can’t use champcash in bluestacks it violates the terms and conditions .. you will be permamnently banned if you do so

  45. verify email id thats it

  46. Sponsor Id – 41247

  47. Join n refer friends to start earning

  48. Follow all the steps mentioned in the above post and join the network to start earning

  49. sure harshit .. you will be added soon

  50. its true..

  51. Hey Naman,

    Its imp to complete challenge ..

  52. there may be a conflict arising due to ip address

  53. Hey Debasish,
    Did you referral complete the challenge and activate his/her champcash ac

  54. 41247

  55. It is soon launching all over the world

  56. I hope you did not earn anything from this app because you are very lazy to do do some work and earn some bucks.. if you want to earn money without doing anything .. then this app is not for you

  57. 10$ Is Minimum Amount Required If You Want To Redeem In Your Bank Ac

  58. Then Don’t Do Any Shopping …

  59. where ?

  60. Jesa Aaap Ko Theek Lage …. πŸ™‚

  61. Use Google Chrome or Default Browser But Don’t Use Google chrome

  62. Don’t Know ..Try and Comment If Its Working

  63. You need to mail them a scanned copy of pan card first time when you redeem and update your bank ac details in you champcash ac

  64. Its 100% genuine … Click Here for payment proofs

  65. It works on referral code ..

  66. It will show up once the product gets delivered to you if you have done every steps correctly

  67. Great πŸ™‚

  68. It will take 35 minutes to show up in your account … Hope You must have got the referral amount

  69. Set Google Chrome as default browser and then try

  70. Email Me If You Need More Proof and Screenshots

  71. When did you requested for paytment ?

  72. what is the error are you getting ?

  73. Forwarding Your Issue To Champcash Team..

  74. πŸ™‚

  75. Currently You can only refer friends from India, United States, United Kingdom and Indonesia

  76. Install Apps Shown In Challenge…

  77. Earn More Panel Is Where You can Earn Points When You Install Apps & Earn Points. 1000 Points = 1$

  78. select google chrome…

  79. Hey, Arjun

    You Need To Enter Refer or Sponsor Id And Complete The Challenge To Get Your Refer Id and Start Earning Money. πŸ™‚

  80. If you requested to redeem 10$ in this month then you will be receving payout in the next month till 20th april … and also submit a scanned copy of your pan card to champcash if this is the first time you will be receiving payment

  81. You need to mail them a scanned copy of Pan Card… Enter you fathers bank ac details and send them a scanned or click a photo of you fathers pan card and mail them to get your payment..

  82. refer n earn stopped now

  83. Yeh ek real app jo time p payment krti he

  84. Share krte jaoo… ya to earn more section me jaakr apps install kro….

  85. They are not giving money for free.. we are installing apps for which the advertiser company pays to champcash & they take some percent from that and give the rest to us.. this is how this app works….

  86. follow steps as mentioned here Click Here

  87. aap jinhe join krwaoge unhe yeh app ke baare me achi tarah se samjhao .. unhe guide kro refer krne me aur aapki income apne aap badehegi

  88. yes you will get

  89. ask members joined under you to do the same thing … refer n earn … champcash is all about building strong network of people who will work hard to earn

  90. keep referring and earn more money try to do referrals in new mobiles so that you get paid higher for each referral

  91. its a app only

  92. no.. you will be directly logged in to your ac

  93. have you received your card ?

  94. Email them a scanned copy of you pan card and also a copy of your bank statement.

  95. yes upto 7 levels

  96. yes you can uninstall the apps now

  97. Goto to redeem option and select shopping voucher and select flipkart

  98. You can easily recover.. download champcash app in new mobile and login with you id and password…

  99. Try once again now.. if you face the same issue again please contact their helpline no whatsapp

  100. After using i can say that “This app is the best app & perfect example of MLM where they don’t cheat like other company”

  101. Yes why not ..the only thing you need is a android phone with android version 4+

  102. Try do referrals in fresh which the apps which you get to install have not been installed before..

  103. 8758884912

  104. Aap ke pass 3 options he redeem krne ke…

    1. Mobile Recharge
    2. Flipkart Voucher
    3. Bank Withdraw

  105. Yes it will be show in Dollars $ .. and you can get money in your bank in INR.

  106. Text us on Whatsapp

  107. apke papa ya koi friend ka daal do.

  108. What is the error or message displayed… you can only transfer upto 30 paytm or mobikwik per day. Try next day if you have already transferred 30rs today.

  109. Hey Avinash,

    The 1$ will be instantly credited to your champcash ac once you complete the challenge and if you are referring friends it will take 35min for money to show up in your champcash ac for every successful referral.

  110. Start referring friends and you can earn unlimited money from champcash app.

  111. Please check out in the site for terms and condition, there are various amazing offers going on πŸ™‚

    Recharge Loot

  112. in two-three days


  113. It’s a trusted website, don’t you see its advertisements in the TV ? They have good refund policy also. So, dont be confused, go and get it

    Recharge Loot

  114. You need to build network with more and more members… the stronger your network is the more you will earn.

  115. We will update it when its active again

  116. Please contact Customer Care of

    Best Regrds,

  117. Try Again… or you might have installed that particular app previously on to your device

  118. Hi … How can i help you ?

  119. Hey Shankar ,

    The Min Amount Needed To Transfer in bank account is 10$ … open menu in app & select redeem option>>> bank >> input required bank details and submit

  120. Download & Follow the same process as mentioned in the post… you will surely start earning good amount from the first day itself you do some good amount of referrals

  121. Bro, We are bit busy in creating offers for all of you. We will reply as soon as possible

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  122. Tumey ney kaise kiya hey ? Batao ( How you have done it? Let me know )

    Recharge Loot

  123. Please be clear with your question

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  124. We Will add it soon πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  125. Read the article, you will get to know, how to check

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  126. Check at their footer, you will find an option to redeem your amount πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  127. Please contact their customer care. They will help you out πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  128. FREE25 is the promo code, use it, It will work

  129. Just send a msg to number mentioned in the post to start getting whatsapp alerts

  130. you must have tried this offer more than once on your this device …please use rooted bluestacks or rooted mobile for unlimited times.

  131. FREE25 is the promo code you have to appy while adding 25rs in paytm wallet

  132. Try again bro πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  133. We will reply it to you soon πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  134. We didnt check in bluestacks yet, I hope you will check and let us know

    Recharge Loot

  135. Try this time πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  136. We will post it when we get Unlimited trick Gowtham πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,

  137. It will be credited within 24 hours my friend πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  138. They have changed the amount due to over vistiors to their app.


  139. They have changed the referral amount just now.


  140. Read the article Rajat, you will get to know πŸ™‚

  141. Send us a message on Whatsapp. We will add you ther πŸ™‚

  142. Send us a message on Whatsapp Hardik. We will add you πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  143. It’s applicable in all over India but only at PVR cinemas. And The offer has been Expired on Android Device πŸ™ Use Windows device πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,

  144. It’s applicable in all over India but only at PVR cinemas. And The offer has been Expired on Android Device πŸ™ Use Windows device πŸ™‚

    Best Regards,

  145. Hey Jeet, The offer has been expired from Android Mobile, Please check from Windows phone to get the tickets.


  146. Its expired on Android Mobile.

    Best Regards,

  147. Yes, Send us a message on our cell, we will add you instantly

  148. LOOT30

  149. 100% Genuine app.. you can see my payment proof in above post

  150. Yes it works … but you won’t get any payment form their side as it is validated

  151. where do you get message and from which number ?

  152. Hey Virendra, Read the complete procedure mentioned in the article. You will get to know everything (Sab pata chal jayega)

    Best Regards,
    Recharge Loot

  153. Hey, You need to verify your paypal with your bank account first, later they will not ask the purpose code πŸ™‚

    Recharge Loot

  154. Hi Adarsh, Subscribe to our email id, We choose three people every week and we recharge their mobile number

    Recharge Loot

  155. We will post in coming days. Stay tuned my friend πŸ™‚

    Recharge Loot

  156. hey jitu, will update the article with new ways of earning very soon

  157. Use paytm wallet app to transfer the paytm money

  158. Change the playstore id and follow the same process

  159. We will sure to get this trick in future soon. Stay Updated. Loot it πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  160. Try with other number buddy

    Thank You

  161. Hey Brother. Please check here-> Subscribe RechargeLoot on Whatsapp

  162. Read the post properly. Implement the things and then start earning πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  163. Except SBI. They accept all Nationalised Banks.

    Thank You

  164. Bro. Google it. You will get to know. Here is the list check it out -> Nationalised Banks in India

  165. Yes, You can write.

    Thank You

  166. Read the article Jitu. You will understand πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  167. Its very simple. You can take this bro. Here it is-> SANJ26946

    Thank You

  168. Whenever someone uses your refer code you will get a mail on your email.

  169. Now ask your friends to signup on zocalo and use your refer code and you will be rewarded.

  170. Yes You can earn paytm cash from this offer

  171. Hey Jitu, On their website it is mentioned Rs 250 only so don’t worry keep doing referrals you will get vouchers as it mentioned on their website.

  172. Offer must have been closed

  173. now its working for moto g and headphones only..

  174. Its available and working fine barun. Check the link in the article πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  175. Yes, If it crosses 50K amount.

    Thank You

  176. Depends. If you exceed 50K then you need to add your pan card number.

    Thank You.

  177. Nice way to promote sagar, but our readers wants good website just like us. They love our articles πŸ™‚

    Thank You πŸ™‚

  178. We would like to post it bro. Very Soon. πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  179. It takes time, it will be updated within few hours. So, wait and have patience.

    Thank You

  180. Haan, you can earn in a big way if you follow the steps which we have mentioned in our detailed article. Check it out bro πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  181. Shaan, Even you can earn, Read out the articles in detail. You can earn much more than us, if you follow our steps πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  182. YES Abhishek.

    Thank You

  183. Try again. Uninstall it and try again. It will work.

    Thank You

  184. Paypal works everywhere in India. But depends on the bank. It accepts only Nationalised banks πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  185. Contact Customer Care of Pokkt app. They will help you out

    Thank You

  186. Contact Customer Care of Pokkt app. They will help you out. It happened same with me. When i contacted them then helped me to get my recharge πŸ™‚

    Thank You

  187. You can do it Rajnish

    Thank You

  188. Hey Samrat, That would be great πŸ™‚ Contact Us here -> We will get back to you asap πŸ™‚

  189. Dear Friend Navneet, Its working fine from here. Try to clear your cookies and try again. It will work.
    Thank You πŸ™‚

  190. Dear friend Avinash, Please be specific with your question. I will try to solve each and every query of yours.
    Thank You πŸ™‚

  191. Dear Pawan,
    Yes you can use this dongle over wifi router and hotspot by your pc.
    Thank You.

  192. Don’t worry bro .. it will get credited in your bank account soon

  193. Here it is -> +918758884912

  194. Its working for others. Why not for you? Tell me what kind of problem you are facing. I will try to solve. Thank You πŸ™‚

  195. BIG YES!

  196. Its Possible but i will ask you to not to try this as you will not be paid

  197. Wait till monday and you will receive coupons on your email id

  198. Money is credited after 35 to 45 minutes

  199. You will get redempation details in your mail

  200. Its not showing now because the the prizes were limited and as the stock was not left the prizes have been changed now ..

  201. Hi Kuldeep. You will get it. Sabar Karo. They deliver the samples after 20 days.

  202. Yes, its running.

  203. You will get the rest in few days. If you don’t get other samples then contact them.

  204. Check email

  205. You will receive sms on your mobile and Coupons in your mail by monday

  206. Yes say ?

  207. They have metioned it can take upto max 30 days…

  208. Signup first than it will autmatically login to your account when you open the app next time

  209. add me here

  210. Only 20

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