How to Win Free Paytm Cash By Playing Games Without Spending Money



Everyone wants to earn free paytm cash without investing any money, but as you know nothing is for free. You need to work hard to make a sustainable amount of money to drive your life. But now there are a couple of options that you can use to make money online.

Earning Free Paytm Cash online is not a new concept these days and one can do so with some refer and earn apps or the game sites/apps available. Earning free paytm cash by playing games is the best way to make some free paytm cash that will help you earn some side income.

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a skill-based E-Sports platform where you can play your favourite mobile games and win free paytm cash always. It is a multiple-player gaming platform where you can register yourself to play multiple games. You can compete with other players in the platform to win real cash.


  • Install the app & open.
  • Now create an account using your mobile number, Enter the number to register.
  • Once you create an account & enter the MPL app you will see many games there.

You can now Play and participate in live gaming tournaments for free and win real cash in return. This is the best part because you are not only playing you are earning too. You can use the bonus coins you got from the login process to play the live tournaments.

Once the results are announced for a tournament, winners can cash out immediately with Paytm, UPI or bank transfer.

How To Withdraw Earning From MPL?

  • Click on the wallet section.
  • Before withdrawing the amount you need to verify your KYC details
  • You can withdraw the amount on Paytm/UPI/Bank.
  • Minimum amount to redeem is INR 10.

You can also Invite and Earn Free Paytm Cash from MPL, Follow below process to get your referral link.

  • Click on the wallet button then on the earn more button.
  • Share the link and code with your friends and get INR 9 and 20 coins for each referral.

Current MPL Referral Chart 

  • Do 2 Refers, Get 15 Paytm Cash
  • Do 3 Refers, Get 25 Paytm Cash
  • Do 5 Refers, Get 60 Paytm Cash
  • Do 10 Refers, Get 150 Paytm Cash
  • Do 15 Refers, Get 250 Paytm Cash
  • Do 25 Refers, Get 500 Paytm Cash
  • Do 40 Refers, Get 1000 Paytm Cash

The simplest way to earn coins in the game is by inviting your friends! As there is no limit to the number of friends that can be referred, Player can keep referring as many as they want. The more clicks your referral link gets the more coins you earn. It’s that simple!

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