Get Unlimited Freecharge Coupons By Referring Friends

TBOX is a smart sms mobile app for your android app that helps you to do organise you sms and manage them very easily.TBOX provides features like spam blocking.The best thing about this app is that you can earn unlimited freecharge coupons for getting your friends joined through your referral link.

Features Of TBOX App

  • Clean Your SMS Inbox
  • Intelligently Organize and make your inbox truly smart
  • Secure your messages
  • Do full messaging
  • Send free messages from TBOX to TBOX

How To Get Freecharge Coupons From TBOX App

  1. Download TBOX Android App.
  2. After the app is installed , open the app and click on agree.
  3. Now enter your mobile no and click verify.
  4. After successful verificaion click on upper right corner and then click on Invite and win.There you can find your own referral link.Check below image for reference.

TBOX - Earn Freecharge coupons android

Start sharing your referral link with your friends to earn freecharge freefund codes.You will get Rs.10/friend referred.You can redeem your Freecharge promo code after referring 5 friends. When it reaches to Rs. 50 you will get freecharge coupon code after 3 days.

To check you free recharge balance available follow below steps.

  1. Click on upper right corner.
  2. Then click on Invite and win.
  3. Then again click on upper right corner (setting button).
  4. There you will find your earning.

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