Tsu – Social Network Pays You To Like, Comment, And Share!

Tsu Make Money From Social Network

Yes Friends you heard it right,you can actually make money from this new social networking webiste. Social network website Tsu has same feature as facebook has but Tsu pays you for your each activity you do there.You get paid for liking posts,commenting on posts,sharing posts.The more posts you create and the more people you invite to your network determines how many organic post views your profile generates, which determines your pay.


Tsu works like this. You post content. People share that content. Just like on Facebook, there are advertisements that generate revenue for the platform. As people share your content, more people see ads next to it. Tsu takes 10% of this ad revenue in order to pay their expenses. 45% of that revenue goes directly back to the content creator. The other 45% is distributed to the chain of people who invited you to the platform according to their algorithm described in more detail below.


How To Join TSU

But unlike Facebook you just can’t sign up into it just by typing your name and giving an email address.You will have to need invitation or Tsu verified profile links.(Which we are ready to provide to you)


How Much A Person Can Earn From TSU

Tsū is a free social networking platform where all of money made from the platform are distributed to the users of the platform in the form of royalties – after all, it is your content & your audience. Again, Tsu brings in money from 3rd parties, namely ads, sponsorships & partnerships. That money is then distributed to the users by giving 50% of any revenue created going directly to the content creator (this is similar to the YouTube© or SoundCloud© monetization models).

The other 50% is distributed via an infinite series of 1/3’s up a family tree, which is created through a short code invitation. In the tree, 1/3 of any user’s generated economic goes to whoever invited them to the platform. Then 1/3 of 1/3 goes to whoever invited that user and 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 goes to whoever invited that user, etc. This network math propagates infinitely up the family tree, summing to 50%. So, in the end 50% goes to the content creator & 50% goes to the network who brought them to Tsū. For our efforts, we take a 10% fee once economics are created.

In a practical sense, it would look something like this:

User A invites User B
User B invites User C
User C invites User D
User D invites Usher to join.
Usher has 50M users following him and posts a unique picture of his new car and 10M users see this adding a bunch likes and comments. Advertisers have agreed to run ads where they would pay $1 for every 1000 people that see their ad (Called a CPM or Cost Per 1000 views).

Tsu collects $10,000 from the advertisers and keeps 10% or $1,000 off the top.

Of the $9,000 remaining, Usher keeps 50% or $4,500

User D who directly invited Usher would get 1/3 of the remaining $4,500… $1,500

User C who invited D would get 1/3 of 1/3 or $500

User B who invited User C would get 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 or $166.67

User A who invited User B would get 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 or $55.55

This trend continues until it is 100% of the revenue.

I don’t know someone as big as Usher! How can I make money?

You definitely don’t have to! We at TsuGuru.com have done some mathematic calculations and it appears that an average user should make about $1-3 per day for every 100 friends/followers they have. According to Pew Research Report the average Facebook User has 338 friends which would equate to the average user on Tsu making $3.38–10.14 per day. People won’t be quitting their jobs anytime soon, but an extra $102.81-$308.43 per month would be nice for most people. That amount also doesn’t take into account you making a percentage on anyone you invited…

If I already monetize my videos on YouTube©, can I also benefit from Tsū?

Tsū itself does not host videos of any sort. They integrated with leading video hosting platforms, some of
which monetize views for the creator of the content. They encourage users to post their videos to
a YouTube® channel, monetize the videos there and simply put that YouTube® video link
onto Tsū. If anyone seeing that video link posts it on Tsū, it will monetize on Tsū and if the
audience plays your YouTube®-monetized video in a YouTube® player, you will monetize on YouTube®
as well. With Tsū, you get credit for just showing your audience the preview of your video.

You can actually make money 3 ways by combining Tsū with YouTube® and following these steps:
1) Publish your video on YouTube®, unlist it and ensure it is monetized on YouTube®;
2) Then, take the YouTube® video link and publish it on your Tsū page where it will show a preview of the video;
3) Last, take your Tsu short code and announce everywhere that you have a new video on your
Tsū network.
4) This method allows you to make money:

A) on YouTube®,

B) on Tsū

C) any new Tsū user wanting to see your video forever is tied to you and you earn 33.3% of the revenue they create in perpetuity
and about 11% of their audience’s income that they make forever.