6 wedding gifts for every kind of couple and budget

A wedding is an occasion which stays in the memory for a lifetime. The people are really excited about their weddings and they get to wear what they like and have the greatest fun. More than anything, they are going to promise each other that they will stay stuck forever and keep one and the other as happy as ever. On this special day of the couple, the rest of the world is going to shower them with wedding gifts to make their day more special. This way, the couple is going to stay happier. But then, there are times when you are out of cash and really cannot manage an expensive gift. At such times, there are Pepperfry offers to help you out!

Here are 6 inexpensive yet cute gifts that you could gift the couple:

1. Custom Mugs:

Most of the people have got the habit of having coffee or tea. In fact, they have it while they are waking up from the bed. It is good to have a nice coffee in a cute mug to start the day with. If the mug has got their zodiac signs or sweet things which define them as a couple, there possibly could not be a better way.

2. The “YES” pillow:

This is one of the cutest things that the couple might want to have. This pillow has got YES on one side and a NO on the other. While just starting to live together, if either of them is being too shy, they can use the “YES” pillow to answer in a YES or NO. This is going to be really helpful for the couple as it is going to help in keeping up the relation when there is the most fluctuation.

3. Wall art:

Wall art could also be something related to the couple. You could also make their big day a memory. You could get a nice frame in which you could put their wedding card with a little art to it. You could also get their names written in a fashionable manner so that it stays there as long as they live.

4. The love story in pieces:

If you are a close associate of the couple, you would be knowing about their love story, if not then make efforts to find out. Put the most memorable and important events( along with the dates if possible )of their love story in the form of art. Make it into a frame or a wall hanging and gift it to them! This could be the cutest gift that they could get. Each time they look at it, they are going to think of their past and the person who gifted it to them.

5. A small memories bookshelf:

A classic yet cute, “memory shelf” where they would be able to store the albums of important occasions would be really nice. Their wedding album, their baby’s birth pictures and other things like these could all go into one place and they can look at them with ease.

6. Antiques:

Be it any occasions, antiques could be the gifts suiting everything. The people should see to it that they are just choosing the right ones which are lovable. This way the people will be able to save money and still gift an amazing one.
The gifts that we give to the couple are the memories of their lifetime. Hence, we should see that we make their memories that will last for a lifetime. This is only possible if we choose the right gifts.

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